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What's New at Glade Mill:


4/3/24Wishing our "Fun and Games" litter, Clue, Lager, Odon, Otto, Rocco, Huxley, Boden, Duke, and Ollie, the happiest 1st birthday!

4/27/24 - 4/28/24: At the hunt tests held in Harrisville, PA, Blaise (Whiskey x Fauna) earns 4 straight passes to complete her Senior Hunter title, and moves on to get her first 2 Master Hunter passes as well! Also this weekend, Miss Piggy earns 2 more points toward her Championship, and Amelia earns her very first point!

4/29/24: Happy 9th birthday to our boy Xavier!


3/4/23 - 3/5/23: At the Tallmadge, OH shows, Grant wins BOV, Summer wins WB for a 5 point major, and Miss Piggy wins WB for another point! 

3/24/24: Happy 2nd Birthday to Lilith, and her siblings!


2/21/24: We are thrilled to announce the arrival of 2 boys, 2 girls, from Grant x Charlotte!


1/1/24: Happy New Year from the pups and people at Glade Mill!


1/5/24 - 1/7/24: In Tallmadge, OH, Victor takes a clean sweep of the weekend with 3/3 BOV wins, onto a nice Hound Group 1st! His litter sister Summer goes BOS and Select. Miss Piggy wins WB for another championship point, and Raymah wins BOB and BOS throughout the weekend, leaving her just barely shy of her GCH title!

1/20/24 - 1/21/24: In agility, Gonzo earns 2 qualifying scores in Jumpers, finishing his Jumpers Excellent title!


12/1/23: Wishing everyone a safe and happy winter holiday season!

12/5/23: Our Greek Gods & Goddesses, Helios, Bentley, Dusty, Selene, Betsy, and Aria, turn 5 today! Happy Birthday pups!

12/16/23: At the AKC National Championship in Orlando, FL, Lana shows to a beautiful 13" Select and Best Bred-By! A lovely way to finish out a great year! 


11/5/23: Thresher turns 7 years old today! Happy birthday little man! 

11/9/23: Wishing a very happy 9th birthday to our Faeries, Fauna and Skye! 

11/16/23 - 11/19/23: In Columbus, OH, Lana finishes her GCH and wins BOV in a nice sized entry, Nelson is in the ribbons each day of the specialty weekend, Raymah wins BOS both days she is entered, and Catawba wins back to back Best Veteran in Sweeps, and a specialty AOM!

11/29/23: Happy 5th birthday to our Whiskies; Beau, Scotch, Gunner, Eli, Tulla, Raymah, Stella, and Tennie!


10/2/23: A very Happy 15th Birthday to Pepper from our 2008 ZZ Top litter! 

10/23/23 - 10/26/23: What an incredible week at the National Beagle Club National Specialty! Ameilia makes her first ring appearance, placing 3rd in a large class of 4-6 month old puppies, and Jules places 3rd in her Open Intermediate Class. Grant made the cut in 15" specials males, and Mako wins her veterans class, onto a beautiful Select Bitch in 15" BOV! In 13", Lana wins Best of Variety, and is then crowned 2023 NBC National Specialty Best of Breed! What an honor and thrill! 


9/2/23: "The Nuts" from Xavier and Scarlett turn 3 years old today! Happy birthday to Mojo, Benny, Lego, Silas, Hazel, and Penny!

9/5/23: Happy 3rd Birthday to Victor, Ernie, Dante, Goku, Charlotte, and Summer!

9/23/23 - 9/24/23: Nelson wins BOB both days in New Castle, PA, finishing his GCH title, Raymah wins BOS and Select, and Grant wins BOV in a large beagle entry, earning the last point for his GCHS title

9/30/23 - 10/1/23: In Michigan, Summer is awarded BOS and BOV onto Hound Group 2nd handled by her owner, 10 year old Sonia!!


8/3/23 - 8/6/23: At the Steel Valley Cluster in Canfield, OH, Nelson wins a huge Group 2, two BOB, BOS, and Select in big entries on a specialty weekend! Also in the ribbons, Hazel wins Select 2 days, finishing her GCH title, and Miss Piggy wins WB for another major! In beagles Grant wins more points toward his GCHS title, and Lilith wins back to back majors, finishing her Championship! Our juniors also have a great weekend, Jules winning her big class 2 days with Chino, and Caroline winning her class 2 days with Hazel!!

8/6/23: Gonzo earns his Open Jumpers title in agility! 

8/9/23: Happy 7th Birthday to all the pups from our Jesse x Catawba litter! 

8/17/23 - 8/20/23: In Greeley, CO, on the beagle and hound specialty weekend, Victor brings home a nice BOV, BOS, and Select!

8/19/23: Our puppies and their owners continue to make us proud! In Maryland, Blaise wins WB for another Championship point. And Gonzo attends a Rally trial, earning his Rally Intermediate title! 


7/5/23: Happy 2nd birthday to "The Muppets," Miss Piggy, Clover, Gonzo, Grover, Heinz, Cooper, and Apollo! 

7/10/23: In Michigan, Summer wins back to back majors handled by her owner, 10 year old Sonia, to finish her Championship!

7/13/23 - 7/16/23: A beautiful and wonderful weekend in Madison, OH! Hazel wins BOS all four days and Chino win Select, for points toward their GCH titles! Grant wins 3 nice BOV, and places 2nd in a very competitive hound specialty group and Lilith wins WB for her 2nd major! 

7/21/23: Happy 12th Birthday to our pointer, Puck!

7/22/23: Mako turns 9 years old today!

7/24/23: Our singleton boy, Nelson, is 2 years old today! 


6/15/23: Happy 3rd Birthday to our 2020 Whiskey x Fauna puppies; Chino, Rhett, Oliver, Blaise, Ruthie, Ginger, and Kallie!

6/21/23: Wishing Catawba, Eli, and Tango from our "Wine" litter a happy 13th birthday! 

6/26/23: We are so excited to welcome 2 black tri boys and 1 black tri girl from Dreyfus and Audrey!


5/1/23: Wishing Shiner, our remaining pup from our 2008 "Rock" Litter, the happiest 15th birthday! 

5/5/23: Happy 3rd birthday to “The Classics”; Grant, Audrey, JD, Humphrey, Max, and Hank!!

5/20/23: Whiskey, Reese, Tinto, and Kai turn 9 years old today!! Happy birthday pups!

5/25/23 - 5/29/23: In New Castle, PA, Grant wins 3 BOV, Nelson earns his CA title, finishes his Championship, and wins 2 BOB! Miss Piggy wins WB one day for another point toward her CH, and little Lilith also ran CATs, earning her CA title as well!! To top it all off, Jules wins her juniors class on Saturday, and Sunday she wins her very first Best Junior! 

5/26/23: Our “Dark” litter celebrates their 2nd birthday today!! Happy Birthday to Floyd, Ozzy, Wags, Lana, Bella-Jean, and Ruby!



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