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What's New at Glade Mill:


5/1/23: Wishing Shiner, our remaining pup from our 2008 "Rock" Litter, the happiest 15th birthday! 

5/5/23: Happy 3rd birthday to “The Classics”; Grant, Audrey, JD, Humphrey, Max, and Hank!!

5/20/23: Whiskey, Reese, Tinto, and Kai turn 9 years old today!! Happy birthday pups!

5/25/23 - 5/29/23: In New Castle, PA, Grant wins 3 BOV, Nelson earns his CA title, finishes his Championship, and wins 2 BOB! Miss Piggy wins WB one day for another point toward her CH, and little Lilith also ran CATs, earning her CA title as well!! To top it all off, Jules wins her juniors class on Saturday, and Sunday she wins her very first Best Junior! 

5/26/23: Our “Dark” litter celebrates their 2nd birthday today!! Happy Birthday to Floyd, Ozzy, Wags, Lana, Bella-Jean, and Ruby!


4/3/23: We are happy to introduce our newest additions from Nico and Raymah: 8 boys and 1 girl! To inquire about this litter, please fill out a puppy questionnaire 

4/29/23: Happy 8th birthday to our boy Xavier!


3/4/23 - 3/5/23: At the Tallmadge, OH shows, Grant wins BOV, Summer wins WB for a 5 point major, and Miss Piggy wins WB for another point! 

3/24/23: Happy 1st Birthday to Lilith, and her siblings!


We took February off to enjoy time at home and catch up on other projects!


1/1/23: Happy New Year from the pups and people at Glade Mill!


1/6/23 - 1/8/23: In Tallmadge, OH, Grant wins BOV in a large beagle entry, finishing his GCHB title, and sister Audrey is BOS to finish her GCH title! Miss Piggy wins WB/BOW for a 4 point major! And in junior showmanship, Jules handles Mako to 1st in a large class, onto Reserve Best Junior! 

1/12/23 - 1/22/23: On the Brooksville, FL circuit, Grant shows incredibly each day, getting a good start toward his Silver Grandchampionship title in very large entries. Lana had the first weekend off, but comes back the second weekend to win 2 nice majors, finishing her championship! 

1/21/23 - 1/22/23: Gonzo competes in his first AKC agility trial, earning 2 first places and 3 qualifying scores in Novice Standard, as well as 2 first places in Novice Jumpers with Weaves! 

1/26/23 - 1/29/23: In Ocala, FL, Grant wins BOS and Select, and Lana brings home 2 Selects and a lovely BOV win to start out her GCH title in style! After a wonderful and successful stay with us in PA, Lana heads home to MO with her owners to be specialed and shown in juniors by her owner and trainer, Payton Hickman!

1/29/23: The Great Gonzo continues making an excellent debut in the performance rings, earning a first place and a perfect qualifying score of 100 in the Rally ring! 


12/1/21: Wishing everyone a safe and happy winter holiday season!

12/5/22: Our Greek Gods & Goddesses, Helios, Bentley, Dusty, Selene, Betsy, and Aria, turn 4 today! Happy Birthday pups!


11/5/22: Thresher turns 6 years old today! Happy birthday little man!

11/9/22: It is with great sadness we share the loss of our matriarch beagle girl, Cecilia. We will miss her greatly. 

11/9/22: Wishing a very happy 8th birthday to our Faeries, Fauna and Skye! 

11/17/22 - 11/20/22: In Columbus, OH, Hazel wins BOB at the KVC Supported Entry, and Lilith wins BOW/BOV the only day she was entered, for her first major!

10/16/22: Wishing a very happy 4th birthday to our Whiskeys litter; Beau, Oakley, Scotch, Eli, Tulla, Raymah, Stella, Jester, & Tennie!


10/2/22: A very Happy 14th Birthday to Allie and Pepper from our 2008 ZZ Top litter! 

10/6/22 - 10/9/22: A chilly weekend in New Castle, PA, but our pups did well! Lana wins WB 3 consecutive days, earning 6 points toward her Championship. Audrey wins BOS 3 days, leaving her needing only 1 more point for her GCH title. Over in vizslas, Raymah wins BOB, BOS, and two Selects throughout the weekend! 

10/16/22: News from Idaho, Victor finished his GCH title today! 


9/2/22: "The Nuts" from Xavier and Scarlett turn 2 years old today! Happy birthday to Mojo, Benny, Lego, Silas, Hazel, and Penny!


9/5/22: Happy 2nd Birthday to Victor, Ernie, Dante, Goku, Charlotte, and Summer!


9/17/22: Chino attends the Oakridge Pointing Dog Club hunt test and earns his final qualifying score to finish his Junior Hunter title! 

9/25/22 - 9/28/22: We attended the National Beagle Club national specialty in Aldie, Virginia, and had a great time, as always! On Sunday, Audrey participated in the first ever hunting instinct test, and received a passing score. On Monday, Cecilia wins her veteran sweeps class, and her daughter Mako also wins her respective class, going on to win BOS in Veteran Sweepstakes! Little Lilith makes her dog show debut, winning Best in 13" Puppy Sweepstakes. Onto variety judging, Grant makes the 1st cut in BOV, and Cecilia once again won her veterans class. Lilith places 2nd in a large 6-9 puppy class, Lana wins her 13" BBE adult class, and Thresher and Selene both made final cuts in BOV! 


8/4/22 - 8/7/22: At the Steel Valley Cluster in Canfield, OH, Hazel wins WB/BOW on Friday to finish her Championship, and on Sunday wins her first GCH major by going BOS at the supported entry. Nelson wins WD for a major, and Grant wins a big 15" BOV! 

8/9/22: Happy 6th Birthday to all the pups from our Jesse x Catawba litter! 

8/13/22: Scarlett runs another FastCAT event, earning her DCAT title! Congratulations to Adam, Billie Jo, and Scarlett!

8/18/22 - 8/21/22: In Cumberland, MD, Grant wins 2 BOV, and Miss Piggy wins WB two days to earn her first points toward her CH!


7/2/22 - 7/3/22: In Vandergrift, PA, Chino wins WD to finish his Championship! Hazel wins back to back WB and a BOW, and in beagles, Selene and Charlotte each win BOV on Sunday! 

7/5/22: Happy 1st birthday to "The Muppets," Miss Piggy, Clover, Gonzo, Grover, Heinz, Cooper, and Apollo! 

7/14/22 - 7/17/22: A beautiful and wonderful weekend in Madison, OH! Hazel wins WB/BOW three days, Chino also wins three Selects, for his first points toward his GCH title! Grant wins 2 nice BOV, and Selene wins 4 BOV! 

7/21/22: Happy 11th Birthday to our pointer, Puck! 

7/22/22: Mako turns 8 years old today!

7/24/22: Our singleton boy, Nelson, is 1 year old today! 


6/3/22: Happy 12th birthday to the Simon & Garfunkel pups, Bullet, Sparky, Cecilia, Wrigley, and Willie!


6/2/22 - 6/5/22: A great week it was in Longmont, CO for our beagles! Selene wins a Specialty BOV, and 4 Selects! Victor takes 2 selects, before returning home at the end of the weekend to Idaho with his owner Robyn.


6/11/22 - 6/12/22: A short but sweet set of shows in Canton, OH, Chino takes home WD/BOW/BOS both days, always  handled by Jullian, and the pair also win their junior’s class on Sunday! 


6/15/22: Happy 2nd birthday to Chino, Oliver, Rhett, Ginger, Blaise, Calliea, and Ruthie from our 2020 Whiskey x Fauna litter!


6/20/22: A quick trip East to The Westminster Dog Show in New York, Selene wins 13” Select! 


6/21/22: Our Wine litter turns 12 today! Happy Birthday Catawba, Eli, and Tango!


5/1/22: Wishing Shiner, our remaining pup from our 2008 "Rock" Litter, the happiest 14th birthday! 

5/5/22: Happy 2nd birthday to “The Classics”; Grant, Audrey, JD, Humphrey, Max, and Hank!!


5/20/22: Whiskey, Reese, Tinto, and Kai turn 8 years old today!! Happy birthday pups!


5/26/22: Our “Dark” litter celebrates their 1st birthday today!! Happy Birthday to Floyd, Ozzy, Wags, Lana, Bella-Jean, and Ruby!

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