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Brigette, Chanel, & Laura

Welcome to Glade Mill!

A little about us:

We're a family hobby kennel in located in southwestern Pennsylvania. We strive to improve our breeds by producing puppies that exemplify their breed standards. Although our pups are bred to excel in conformation and field work, they are first and foremost excellent companions.


We began our foray into conformation events with our second vizsla, Sagebrush, in 2002, and subsequently became addicted to showing. In 2004, we added what initially started out as "a beagle", and have since made way for "a few beagles". These merry little hounds have certainly worked their way into our hearts.


Our involvement with our dogs over the years has allowed us to make many close friends and aquaintances who have helped us to learn so much. We are forever thankful for everyone who has given us their time, knowledge and resources in helping us to get to where we are today.

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