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We are very proud to support Junior Handling- here's a little about our future dog persons!

Jullian Roenigk ​​

Jules got her first start in dog shows in early 2020, using Catawba as a juniors dog. While there was a large break from dog shows, she took to learning behind the scenes, helping whelp and raise a litter of vizsla puppies with us, that would turn out to have her boy Chino. Jules has worked hard to raise and train her boy Chino and the two are a handsome pair! She occasionally shows Mako in juniors as well, to also learn the beagle side of things! She’s a master puppy sitter, and overall a joy to have around!

Payton Hickman
Payton got her start in dog shows at 8 years old, with her family's Great Danes. Soon after, they welcomed a beagle, and Payton quickly fell in love with the breed, showing beagles in juniors and breed rings. While she remains active in Great Danes, she is undeniably a "beagler", and we are so proud of the work she has put into Lana, who we co-own with her, her mother, and older sister Sydney. We look forward to cheering on Payton and Lana's future successes, and hope to co-breed Payton's very first beagle litter sometime in the future, as well!
Sonia Glodowski​​

In January of 2020, a 7 year old Sonia introduced herself to Chanel at a dog show, and professed her love of beagles, although her family breeds and shows Rhodesian Ridgebacks. Come fall of that year, Sonia got to take home her first beagle puppy of her very own! She is doing a wonderful job with Summer, showing her in both the breed ring and junior showmanship. We are very proud of this pair, and can confidently say Sonia is made for beagles, and has a bright future ahead of her!

Melody Stojakovich​​

Melody has been around beagles and dog shows since she was 4 years old, with Amethyst, from our Gemstones litter. While she is very active in gymnastics, she also attends the occasional dog show with her mom, Robyn, and has decided to give junior showmanship a try with her puppy Rosie, Amethyst's daughter. While they live on the other side of the country, we get to see them occasionally, and we are looking forward to seeing how Melody continues to blossom as a handler in conformation events!

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